Fat Transfer Vs Buttock Implants.

If one of your aesthetic goals is to enhance your glutes, then there are two popular techniques to choose from: butt implants and fat transfer to buttocks – also known as Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL.-  If you’re considering butt augmentation surgery, you may have already begun doing some research on the different procedures available.

You may be wondering what’s the difference between these two, which one is safer than the other, or which will give the best results. 

The main difference between butt implants and fat transfer is the substance that is used to increase the size of your butt. Below we share more information about these procedures so you can make an informed decision about the best butt enhancing surgery for you.

Fat transfer to buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift)

An affordable fat transfer to the buttocks is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries available these days. The Brazilian butt lift is a specialized fat transfer procedure that augments the size and shape of the buttocks without implants. Excess body fat is removed from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs through liposuction, afterwards the extracted fat is purified and re-injected into the buttocks for enhancement.

Is a fat transfer to the buttocks a safe procedure?

Since the fat transfer from the stomach to the buttocks makes use of your own body fat, the chances of complications are minimal. Butt injections are a reliable procedure, especially when a board-certified surgeon performs it like it is at CER Plastic Surgery, with FDA-approved buttocks injections.

After a butt implant lift surgery, patients are expected to show temporary numbness, soreness, bruising & swelling. Given that the complications are minimal, specialists usually prescribe pain medication to relieve the overall discomfort which patients may experience. Additionally, patients are advised to wear a compression garment for about one to two weeks to reduce the swelling as well as prevent the possibility of fluid pockets build-up. Moreover, wearing the compression garment helps in the shaping of the body part from which fat was extracted. 

Am I a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

There is not a perfect weight you need in order to get a fat transfer to buttocks surgery, since the amount of fat required depends on many different factors. For instance, your expectations of the procedure, your aesthetic goals, body type, and height.

At the time of your consultation both you and your surgeon can determine the outcome you expect to get and find out if your weight is in the appropriate range for it. Remember that the fat transfer procedure needs additional fat from your back, hips, thighs, or abdomen. This is why patients should be on the higher side of a healthy BMI range; above the 23 or 24 range. If your BMI is higher than 35, it can increase the risk of complications.

Should I choose to get a fat transfer to the buttocks? 

We have given you the main information about how a Brazilian butt lift is performed and the minimal complications it can have. Now, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before making your decision.

    Butt injections and fat transfer. Through the method of liposuction transfer to the buttocks, this surgery removes your own fat, purifies it, and re-injects it to enhance your buttocks.
    Multiple injections may be needed. You require more than one injection to circulate the necessary fat across your buttocks.
    Fat can be reabsorbed into the body. Just like in any other fat grafting process this is a common side effect, consequently, the procedure may require more than one surgery in some patients.
    Minimal complications and permanent results. The complications might not be bigger than swelling and bruising, and a fat transfer to the buttocks after five years is likely to keep looking firm if proper care is followed. 

Now let’s review the other popular option for butt augmentation. 


Buttocks Implants: what are they? 

As it is stated in the name, butt implants involve the use of an actual implant similar to the type used in breast augmentation surgery. They are usually made from a gel-like, solid silicone contrary to the common liquid silicone in breast augmentation. This means that the implants need to be inserted whole, through an incision in each cheek, typically made in the crease of the buttock resulting in a hidden and hard to notice scar. Although the results will lead to an enhanced bottom, butt implants only increase volume rather than add shape and curves to your figure. 

Are buttocks implants safe? 

Even with a high success rate -95.6% according to the  American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery-, gluteal implants still pose some risks. The most common side effects include bleeding after surgery, pain, scarring, skin discoloration, possible infection, fluid or blood accumulation underneath the buttocks, allergic reactions, and skin loss. It’s also possible for silicone implants to move or slip out of place. Which can leave you with an uneven appearance in the buttocks requiring a second surgery to fix it. 

It is known that any plastic surgery can lead to side effects. At CER Plastic Surgery we have the best surgeons working for you and your safety, and all surgeries are performed by experts and certified surgeons. 

Am I a candidate for buttocks implants?

Buttock implants as well as any other plastic surgery are not always right for everyone. There are some characteristics you’ll need in order to be a good candidate for butt implants. For example, you might be a candidate for gluteal implants if you:

    Recently lost weight and have also lost some of the natural shapes of your buttocks
    Are trying to fight natural signs of aging, such as sagginess and flatness
    Don’t smoke tobacco
    Lead an overall healthy lifestyle
    Don’t have sufficient body fat for a BBL

Before deciding you should talk to a cosmetic surgeon or a butt implant doctor at CER Plastic Surgery about your concerns to see if this procedure is a good fit for you.

Should I choose to get buttocks implants? 

Now you know how the procedure of buttocks implants is performed and the possible side effects it may have. Before deciding to undergo this surgery, here we share some extra information so you can make the right choice for your body. 

    The implant may need to be removed or replaced. This occurs during complications like implant rupture, formation of scar tissue around the implant, causing the glutes to feel tight or hard, bleeding, infection & implant misplacement.
    The outcome varies from patient to patient. Your results may look different from others, this is because their look will vary based on the size and shape of the implant used. However, the overall effect is buttocks enhancement. 
    Mild side effects.  Temporary discomfort, mild swelling, or bruising.


Fat transfer vs. Butt implants

Both procedures share the same goal, nonetheless, one significant advantage of Brazilian butt lift surgery is that in the hands of the best fat transfer to buttocks surgeon, the procedure has a low risk for complications and can achieve remarkable natural-looking results. However, this surgery might not be for you if you do not have enough fat to harvest, resulting in buttock implants being the only way to achieve your desired gluteal enhancement.

Buttock implants may be a good option for some patients, but before choosing this procedure, it is important to understand the added risks of having implants, including capsular contracture and a higher risk for infection. Besides, another downside to buttock implants is that they can look and feel less natural. This does not mean that they are the lesser of both options, but they do have more disadvantages. It is a matter of goals, body type, weight, and overall health. 

The aftermath 

Buttock implants are considered permanent, and at CER Plastic Surgery we have a high success rate. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it takes three to six months until you see full effects, and it is common that patients require a follow-up surgery several years later to maintain their results. 

On the other side, Brazilian butt lift results are meant to last for many years. Fat cells that survive transfer to the buttocks will remain for years to come. However, there is a possibility that significant weight fluctuations can later affect your results, so maintaining a stable weight is key to keeping your results looking their best.

Fat transfer to buttocks price vs. Butt implant price

As a final note, we share the average fat transfer and butt implant costs. According to 2016 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average butt implant surgeon’s fee was $4,860 USD, and the national average for fat transfer to the buttocks was slightly less at $4,356 USD.

As always, we highly recommend that you visit our surgeons at CER Plastic Surgery for a better evaluation, this is what will help you make your final decision. For more information, feel free to contact one of our experts, we are here to help you with the best body transformation experience. 



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