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Why choosing Mexico as a destination for plastic surgery


In the past decades, the popularity of plastic surgery, like breast augmentation, has sky-rocketed and with that a lot of people have wished to fix some part of their own bodies, yet looking for better surgeons, techniques, equipment, services and prices and at times the best options are outside their country. If you are looking for another country, Mexico would be your first option! (as long as it’s close to your country), there are many reasons why getting medical issues done in this country is excellent and we will state it in this text.


A lot of Mexican residents are representative of a unique and original lifestyle; as you near up to the northern states of Mexico the density of people who are able to at least know a basic piece of English will enlarge and these people are very known to be very warm and helpful in whatever way they can. In medium-big tourist areas there should be tours for you to explore more about the country just before your surgery if you’d like, since if you are already here you might as well get to know a small part of the country.


Like a lot of countries, this country’s climate depends on what specific area you go to, but as far as the most popular medical tourist points the climate is actually very calm. Take Tijuana for example, a big medical tourist point and it is a bordering city with San Diego, California that has extremely similar weather; SD has amazing weather! If you want to know more about it go ahead and read this article:


The queues in Mexico are extremely short! To the point you can pretty much pick whatever day of the year and they will most probably have a spot for you, of course this depends in the popularity of the hospital and the surgeon you wish to go with, if they’re very popular queues might be a tad longer than you’d expect, but nothing unbearable.


The World Health Organization has stated that Mexican hospitals are very similar in service and infrastructure in the United States. Hospitals treat their foreign patients as royalty and will do anything in their power to make you feel right at home, having completely bilingual personnel, we know how hard it is being in another country and close to nobody speaking your language, so we fixed that by having English and Spanish speaking staff.


For North American countries, Mexico is your closest option, yet there are other good options in other continents that are also amazing in quality, such as Japan, Brazil and Italy, if you think Mexico is too far we recommend checking out whichever of the 3 countries mentioned and choose the closest to you.


The most obvious reason on why people decide to have their surgery in Mexico is the low prices, the prices can be 50-75% less than in the United States of America, and it’s quite the ground-breaker for a lot of patients since the main drawback from having plastic surgery is the overwhelming cost, but it’s a lot more affordable here in Mexico.

World-Wide Acknowledgement 

According to the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) Mexico has ranked in the top 5 countries for best Plastic Surgery in the world, standing along with the United States of America, Italy, Japan and Brazil.


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