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Why Should You Be Getting Eyelid Surgery


eyelid surgery also known as blepharoplasty is a very well known procedure that changes and improves the eyelids of anyone. This procedure can be made on the upper or lower eyelid which makes a more youthful look around your eyes that can significantly improve your overall appearance and self confidence.

Eyelid surgery helps in the following cases

  • puffy eyes (caused by genetics and other reasons)
  • loose or sagging skin that covers and creates folds that cover the natural shape of the eye
  • drooping lower eyelids, stretching of the tendon lifting the upper eyelid due to various conditions)
  • excess skin and fine wrinkles of the lower eyelid

Of course these are endless reasons on what it treats, but why should you exactly be getting this surgery?


In our opinion if you’re unhappy with your lower, upper or both eyelids you should be considering getting eyelid surgery, since these kinds of surgeries are for you to feel better about your body, since youthfulness comes from the soul and not necessarily from the body. Either way simply being unhappy isn’t a concrete reason in which you should get a surgical procedure we can tell you a couple of specific reasons that can impulse you to get this procedure:


Do people ask you if you have slept well even if you have slept for 20 hours straight? It may surprise you but to fix this issue (remember it is not a flaw!) can be fixed with this simple procedure. One of the main causes that contributes to this is gravity with the sides of wrinkles and puffiness it can make you look exhausted, getting an upper and lower eyelid procedure will decrease the puffiness in your eyes and lift your eyelids so people can stop wondering everyday if you have insomnia!


This is an actual serious problem that could be the first and last reason to get an eyelid surgery. Not being able to see properly can lead to dangerous consequences for example when driving a car crash is more probable when you can’t see well. Of course it’s not the only reason but there are other minor reasons like forcing your sight and worsening it or not being able to read properly. But how is your sight worsening from your eyelids? Well the answer is quite simple: when your lids begin to droop they begin to hover over your eyes and remove the capability of sight on the upper part of your eye. the reason for this is that your skin naturally starts losing elasticity, becoming more likely to sag over the years.


The most noticeable and tedious reason on why this problem begins to be more apparent to you is that putting your cosmetics over your eyes like eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and other products has been a little harder. As your eyelids droop they change the shape of your eye and cover other areas of it that may be hard to work with and this is especially serious if you’re someone as a beauty guru or rely on your eyes for makeup purposes you might seek an eyelid lift that will make your eyes look younger and make the applying of your cosmetics easier than before. Not only you should regard this if your life revolves around makeup, if you love your makeup products and don’t like struggling so much on putting it on every time you want to look good for yourself you should schedule your consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.


There’s features that may look good in certain people considering their face structure but these same features can look odd in people with different face structures and having heavy upper lids is no different. Having heavy upper lids will make the appearance of the famous bedroom eyes that once again won’t look good on everyone but still will look very good on others.  As your eyelids become heavier your muscles will make more effort to do a task like opening your eyes that can cause headaches in the long run and you might not even know why! As overall pain so we suggest getting an eyelid surgery that removes the excess tissue on your upper eyelids.

In conclusion, there’s a myriad of reasons why you should get an eyelid surgery on your upper eyelid and/or lower lid, depending on what your needs are. It’s not a complicated procedure so you can rest assured that any highly skilled plastic surgeon will be able to do this surgery just as you want. Keep in mind this isn’t such a dramatic surgery such as a facelift but little changes go a long way, we suggest that you go to your consultation with realistic expectations so your surgeon can accomplish what you wish. Remember this surgery is for you to be comfortable with yourself, don’t judge yourself too hard and stand strong!


A virtual consultation is when you send us photos of the places of your body where you’d like to improve. Then our surgeon analyzes it to confirm that you are a candidate for that particular procedure. We later inform you about our doctor’s decision and give you a quote with all the information about your surgery. Please, do be at ease that everything is confidential between yourself, the doctor, and the doctor’s representative.